Casting Call for all Nonne!

Fall 2017



We are starting to shoot the new season of the Cooking with Nonna Show! If you are a Nonna with roots from any region of Italy and would like to be a guest Nonna on the Cooking with Nonna Show to cook with Rossella, please write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All Nonne from all regions of Italy are encouraged to apply but especially if you hail from the following regions: Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Trentino, Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Sardegna and Umbria.  If you have already sent your info in the past, please send it again to show that you are still interested.

All Nonne selected for the Cooking with Nonna show, may also be cosidered for participation in future Cooking with Nonna Cookbooks just like 25 amazing Nonne had the pleasure of being part of the first Cooking with Nonna Cookbook!

Some Useful Information:

The shoot takes place in Montville, NJ.

We usually shoot on a Sunday for the entire day.

You must be able to self-report to the set.

You must LOVE to cook!

You will receive nominal compensation.

But the experience is... PRICELESS!


If you are interested, in your email please send the following information:

Hope to hear from you soon!