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11 October 2017, 05:29
Rossella to be Honored by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams
22 September 2017, 00:00
Barnes & Noble Announces More Than 100 Italian-American Authors Marching Up Fifth Avenue in the Columbus Citizens Foundation’s Annual Columbus Day Parade
6 September 2017, 17:32
Cooking with Nonna Dinner at Gran Caffe L'Aquila - Philadelphia


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Back to my Alma Mater - Part 2 Print E-mail

Back to my Alma Mater - Part 2


On March 4, 2012, as part of the celebrations of Women's History Month, I had the pleasure to be invited by the Alumni Associations of St. John's University and speak to my fellow Alumnae from the school. Well, for me this is such a great honor because this is the second time that I'm invited by the school to visit and share with them my experiences from Cooking with Nonna. This time, I also had the great company of my beautiful Nonna Romana and my Mamma Angela. You can't imagine how much of a thrill this was for them as well. Especially my Nonna Romana... just imagine her speaking at a University. She was so lovely and the event turned out so well.

Then of course there is no Cooking with Nonna event that is without food. The school had prepared a wonderful buffet from the Cooking with Nonna recipes and everyone got a chance to taste some great Pugliese food. But good food also needs good wine, so my friends from Santa Armosa provided some great organic wines from Puglia and everyone had a blast.

Since we all had a great time, we need to do this again next year.  Little by little, my Nonna Romana may just earn a degree from St. John's University! :)


Pan Roasted Artichokes

Fried Artichokes in Pastella

Eggplants Gratinate

Maritati Pasta with Meatballs

Nonna's Ricotta Cake


Photos from the Event

Team Nonna at St. John's University Rossella at St. John's University Team Nonna at St. John's University Team Nonna at St. John's University
Team Nonna with Erin Calamari Rossella with Erin Calamari Rossella with Bruno Brunetti Micheline - Winner of the Raffle

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Comments (3)
  • Mimi

    Great photo's. Hope you had a great time.

  • njgigi  - Pasta recipes

    :kiss: :kiss: In going through the list of pasta recipes, I felt like I was back in Italy again. Couldn't believe how many were identical to my recipes. I am an 82 yr. young Sicilian Nonna and really appreciate the trip down memory lane. Thank you. Angela

  • vronnie

    I have Rago relatives in Buffalo NY. By any chance any relative of yours?

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