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30 May 2015, 01:25
Rossella at the Milwaukee Festa Italiana
20 December 2014, 20:18
NEWS: Italy with Rossella Culinary Tours - 2015
29 November 2014, 14:24
Winner of the Thanksgiving 2014 Recipe Contest!

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Italian Desserts and Italian Cookies Recipes

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 Italian Desserts and Italian Cookies Recipes

prepared by our Nonne... our Italian Grandmas! 

We have a rich collection of Italian Cookies and Italian Desserts Recipes for all occasions. Here you will find some very easy recipes that can be made all year round and especially those for some very special occasions: Valentine's Day Recipes, Christmas Recipes, Easter Recipes, Thanksgiving Recipes and many more. We hope you enjoy them and if you have a recipe that you would like to contribute, you can do so by joining La Famiglia!

 The Cooking with Nonna Cookies and Desserts!

Italian Cookies

Almond cookies, pinoli cookies, ricotta cookies and many more!

Cakes & Pies

Cheesecakes, Tiramisu`. Ciambella, Cassara, etc.


Cupcakes for all occasions.

Pastries & Tarts

Cannoli, baba`, zeppole, sfingi and many more!

Nutella Recipes

All that you can make with Nutella.

Custard & Mousse

Custards, mousses, creams, etc.

Christmas Cookies

Cartellate, bocconotti, torrone, struffoli, zeppole and many more!


Pastiera-Weath Pie, Easter bread, almond cookies, anginetti cookies and many more!



All the desserts you need to have a Sweet Valentine!


Rossella's Italy Tours!

Details Here!

   Join Rossella on her 2015 - Italian Culinary Tours!

More Info Here!