Did you receive an Easter egg in your basket when you were a child? If you're lucky you still receive or give them today! In Italy, as in many other cultures worldwide, eggs are considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth in the spring. Traditionally, Italians created natural food dyes to decorate eggs, which were then incorporated into an Easter lunch or Easter breads. On the more indulgent side, chocolate eggs are paramount for gifting and enjoying. 

In the smallest of villages in Italy, every grocery store and  market stall will boast a display of these chocolate treats in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. Bottega della Nonna is no exception. Nonna and I worked hard to curate a vast array of eggs for you to choose from this year, because one egg does not fit all! 

Which Easter egg are you? Are you opulent like the Large Chocolate Easter Egg with a Traditional Sicilian Cloth? Weighing in at nearly 20oz, it is no small treat. Or perhaps elegant like the Dolce & Gabbana Baci Chocolate Egg by Perugina. For the more adventurous, grab a ferociously fantastic Chocolate Easter Egg with a Stuffed Dinosaur or a whimsical egg with a unicorn friend. Shop the entire Easter collection here.  And soon! Easter is coming...

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