Meet Nonna Theresa Mariotti


About Nonna Theresa

My name is Theresa Mariotti and I was born in Philadelphia, PA. My mother was pregnant with me when she came to America in August of 1935 from Reggio Calabria (Calabria) to be with my father. I am the youngest of three sisters. I met my husband when I was fourteen and we dated for five years before we were married in 1955. We will be married sixty years in August, 2015.

My mother in law was a great cook and she taught me how to make gravy and m
any of the Italian dishes my family enjoys today. She showed me how to bake and make delicious desserts because she wanted to make sure that her son ate well.

In 1959 we moved to Glendora, NJ, where my husband opened his Butcher Shop and Deli   (G and M Supermarket). My husband and I worked side by side for twenty years before I retired. My husband however, at 82 years, still works everyday with my son who runs the store now.

We have three lovely children who are in their fifties and have families of their own. I have six wonderful grandchildren and a adorable great granddaughter that I happily baby sit for. Now as my grandchildren start to marry and our family grows, they all look forward to many more delicious family dinners at Nonna's house.



Nonna Theresa Mariotti