Mother's Day Cookbooks Giveaway


As Mother's Day approaches (May 13, 2018), I would like to reward a mother, or maybe two, or three woth a dedicated copy of my Cooking with Nonna Cookbook!

Here is how it works.  I have created a new group on Cooking with Nonna: Mother's Day Group.  All you have to do is Join the Group and upload a photo of a mamma and child doing an activity they love best: Cooking, Gardening or anything else. If the winning photo has two generations represented in it (mother and child) then both will receive a dedicated copy of my cookbook.  If the winning photo has three generations represented, then all three will received a dedicated copy of the cookbook. And... if the winning photo has four generations represented,  guess what... all four will receive a dedicated copy of my Cooking with Nonna Cookbook.  So, get creative and start posting your photos!!!

You can Join the Mother's Day Group Here!





PS: There will be only one winner. The winner will be announced on May 14, 2018. No purchase is necessary to participate. Four cookbooks is the maximum number of books that will be given away for this giveaway.


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