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Sachiko Komagata

Affiliation: Georgian Court University

Home Base: New Jersey, USA

Interests: Healthy Foods

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Sachiko was born and raised in Japan. Being the last child in the family, she enjoyed and learned various house chores including cooking directly from her mother by assisting her daily including shopping food.  Food was medicine as per her

mother.  She appeared to know what we should eat based on the ever-changing dynamic mind-body-spirit status of each of us. 

Growing up, Sachiko had a family cooking day every weekend.  Her family made dumplings, pickles, mayonnaise, etc. with all members that were present on that day.  They did not have an oven, so baking cakes happened on top of the gas stove in a huge iron pot!  Her parents loved keeping old-fashioned ways of cooking without technology or convenience.  Probably it was the last house in Tokyo to get the modern appliances, such as color TV, microwave oven, and juicer.  Cooking was a messy fun activity for her growing up.  

Sachiko was the primary cook of the house for approximately two decades after marriage.  Cooking for two was very different than for a big family cooking growing up.  She also realized that her family was much more traditional and limited in terms of international and ethnic cooking as compared to her spouse’ family.  Her spouse, Nobo introduced a lot of new food to her.  Sachiko and Nobo dined out a lot and traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia, including India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia.  Our food and cooking choices expanded as we traveled outside Japan.

During the past decade, Sachiko expresses her sincere gratitude towards her spouse (Nobo)’ for his daily home cooking.  He turned out to be rather psychic about what she wants to eat these days.  Cooking with Nonna is an inspiration for her as she may become a nonna someday!  Professionally, Sachiko is a physical therapist. Now she is a faculty member and serves as a Chair of the Department of Holistic Health and Exercise Science at Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ.



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