Ciao a Tutti!

Continuing the noble tautology from last week, we're going to be re-running another very popular Cooking with Nonna webisode as we dot the I's, cross the T's, and tie up all of the other loose cliches as yet un-uttered.  We're revisiting the ever-popular Genovese workhorse, Nonna Marisa's Trofie con Pesto. 

Time to clean out the venerable mortar and polish the old pestle-we're grinding away the time between now and the season premier.  Of course for pesto, pine nuts, basil and a few of the more piquant cheeses will yield a much tastier product in the end, but we won't tell you how to prepare your meals (or will we!?) 

While it's been a treat to look back on the highlights of the first season, it is time to march forward into the future, our second season just on the edge of the rolling horizon.  There are plenty of reasons to watch this season, so stay tuned and keep your eyes on our website-there's a great deal to be excited about, and all will be revealed in the coming weeks.  For now, enjoy Nonna Marisa's Trofie con Pesto.

Until next time...

Tanti Baci,


Season Two is Here
Nonna Rosalia is Back

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