Ciao a Tutti!

I hope everyone had a wonderfully (and ironically) relaxing Labor Day!  Now that all of our white clothing is safely tucked away for the winter, soon the leaves will be dropping off of the trees, and the gentle sound of children slipping on them and falling will be echoing throughout the republic.  Once they are healed and back on their way, it's time to get back into the swing of all things culinary!  Nonna Yolanda is back in front of
the burners this

week, and this time she's bringing something totally unique with her - Tonno alla Evelina (Evelina's Tuna)!

This recipe comes to us from Nonna Yolanda's mother, who made various changes to an older recipe for Tuna.  A recipe born in the piping hot cauldron that is Calabrese cooking, this very special tuna dish will very easily become a favorite of yours, as it has mine.  The richness of the thick tuna steaks is taken advantage of through the blending of the flavor elements from our secondary ingredients.  Salty notes from the pancetta, the piquant sour touch of the capers, and, lest we forget, the token Calabrese hot peppers famous the world over for their inferno-like qualities.  And let's not forget the naturally occurring omega-3 oil released by the tuna, just to make sure everything stays healthy!

A word to the wise: We've discussed here before the many wonders found within the walls of a Calabrese kitchen, and the, shall we say, pronounced heat of their ingredients is lost only on the very dim, the noticeably thick, or those hard of tasting.  That said, no matter what any Calabrese nonna says, their peppers are not candy.  Repeat: not candy in any way, shape or form.  I've been around a few blocks before and never has a piece of candy caused me to drink so much water in one sitting.  So enjoy the Tonna alla Evelina while I take the rest of the week to rehabilitate my taste buds.  Thank you, Nonna Yolanda, for sharing your mother's wonderful recipe with us!

Tanti Baci,


My Nonna is Back
Cooking with Nonna Yolanda Calligaro

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