Meet Nonna Diane Laudano


About Nonna Diane

I lived all my youth in Virginia and looked forward to visiting my grandparents in Brooklyn, which originally where from Basilicata.  Grandma Anna Marie's garden was her pride and joy and in the front of her home she cultivated the most amazing flower garden.  Two umbrella trees flanked her front door and all around were roses, geraniums and beautiful dahlias.

The rear of the home was reserved for grandpa's grapevines and many nights the family ate under the arbor and received guests.  After making wine my grandpa would till the remains into the vegetable garden.  Grandma would can most of the vegetables but for my visit she would make a delicious roasted tomatoes sauce which I still make today.  I have added some of my own ingredients (stock) and olives because of availability.


Nonna Diane Laudano