About Nonna Luisa


I was born in Spoleto, Umbria. My father was from Tuscany and my mother from Umbria, but she was born in Trenton, NJ. I have two lovely daughters, Daniela and Donatella.  Daniela is still my American link as she lives in New Jersey.  I worked for many years as a tour guide in Rome where I had the pleasure to work with what I love the most… art and Caravaggio in particular.

I learned to cook from my mother and my aunt. My aunt was a professional cook and unfortunately we lost her just a few years ago`. I now spend part of my time in Rome and some in Spoleto. My specialties are:

eggplant parmigiana, grilled meats, frittata of asparagus and black truffles, crostini with chicken livers and la crescionta.


Enjoy Nonna Luisa's Recipes:

Nonna Maria Elisa Borghini