Meet Nonna Michelina Gagliardo


About Nonna Michelina

Born: 1930 - Died: 2020

My name is Michelina Piranio Gagliardo and I was born in Corleone, Sicily in 1930.
I came to New York with my family in 1965 and settled in the Bronx where I still live. Many of my family members are from Torretta in Sicily and a cousin of mine that has a restaurant in Piano dell'Occhio, Sicily, over 60 years ago developed a recipe called: "A Faccia di Vecchia". The restaurant to this date is still open and is operated by his grand kids. People from all the surrounding towns still come to eat and demand: "A Faccia di Vecchia".  On the show with Rossella I will prepare one classic Sicilian recipe: Rigatoni alla Norma and the famous Faccia di Vecchia.

I now live very happy in the Bronx surrounded by my four children and nine grandchildren.

You can see Zia Michelina's Cooking with Nonna Shows for Rigatoni alla Norma and Pizza Faccia di Vecchia at the bottom of this page!

As they say, it is never too  late in life to start new projects, so, together with my grandson Michael I started filming  a series of short videos under my artistic name:  U Zia Michelina. I hope you watch them and enjoy them. You can see Zia Michelina's Instagram Page Here!


Nonna Michelina Gagliardo