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Hi Rossella
I wonder why Americans call Napoli sauce Marinara when Marinara is actually a seafood pasta sauce. I live in Australia.

Rosella - regarding the 3-layer jam cake, what is the approximate measured amount of jam you put between the layers? Since jam jars vary in size. Thank you.

I am so delighted to be able to enjoy your site, thank you so much! My family is from Sicily, Palermo area. My Nona was an amazing cook. My Mom died when I was 13 so we became a little distanced from my Nona sadly! I remember so many of her wonderful dish's and thanks to you and your Nona I will be able to enjoy. I find your cooking more... Show more

rossella rago created a new recipe Sweet Ricotta Brioche Rolls 2 days ago

Sweet Ricotta Brioche Rolls
Sweet Ricotta Brioche Rolls.

rossella rago created a new recipe 3 Layer Jam Cake 4 days ago

3 Layer Jam Cake
3 Layer Jam Cake.

Good Evening
I made your pizza Rustica, it came absolutely delicious ? I wish my momma Joyce was here to enjoy it she passed away from the COVID virus on January 18th, she loved my cooking and baking....

elenajo1959 Trying to send you a picture but the system won’t let me 6 days ago
NonaEmmajean shared a photo. 7 days ago
rossella rago created a new recipe Easter Bread Bunny Twists 1 week ago

Easter Bread Bunny Twists
Easter Bread Bunny Twists.

Loving your cookie recipes for Easter!