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Here is a vegetable recipe, to go with the turkey: 'Brussels Sprouts -The Italian Way' (the otherwise hated Thanksgiving vegetable, at least it was in my house!)

Ingredients: (vary the amounts for the number of people you will be serving)

fresh brussels sprouts, cleaned & halved
whole chestnuts, sliced (use the ones in the glass jar, much easier)
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Great Cartellate recipe! My family from Atena Lucana in Campagna/Basilicata uses eggs in the dough, no wine, & only honey to drizzle. It isn't Christmas without them, & they called them 'Crispidella'. Buona Natale Everyone!

rossella rago Ciao Rosemary... Buon Natale!!!!!! And enjoy the Cartellate!!! 11 years ago
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