Like everyone I love the holiday season - it's just a very special time of the year where we go out of our way to show our family and friends how much we appreciate having them in our lives.  When I hear holiday music playing on the radio or in stores and restaurants it's a lift to my spirits and I live in Manhattan and every year the holiday decorations get more elaborate and festive.

But I know that it can also be a busy and stressful time and it's important to take a moment during the season to reflect on the things that are really important and meaningful as we get caught up in all the preparations for the season. I got a reminder of that message myself from a very dear friend of mine at Christmas many years ago -- the great Duke Ellington.  Many years ago I was in New York City and was a bit blue as I was separated from my family and in a hotel for the holidays. I had spoken to Duke earlier in the day as he was in town for his  Sacred Concert concert at the Cathedral of St John The Divine.  A few hours later while in my hotel room I start hearing singing and I thought it was coming from the television in the room.  The singing got louder and louder and I realized that it was coming from the hallway.  I opened the door and there was a huge choir right outside my door singing, "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever," Duke had sent over the entire choir from his concert to sing that song for me and lift my spirits. It was so typical of Duke to do something that special for a friend and it made me feel instantly better about things.

I think that is what the holidays are ultimately about - making each other feel loved and appreciated and I know that on that day, Duke Ellington did that for me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Tony Bennett


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