Meet Nonna Rosina Ingaglia


About Nonna Rosina

My name is Rosina Ingaglia and I live in Agrigento, Sicily. I am now proud to have seven grandchildren ranging from 3 to 23 years old.

My love and passion has always been my family and preparing the recipes requested by my grandchildren.
Two of my grandchildren now live in New York and I always look forward to when they come to visit so that I can prepare for them their preferred dishes.

One of the recipes that they always request is “Carciofi Ripieni”, stuffed artichokes. However, the best artichokes are only found when they are in season. Therefore, during the month of October, when I can buy the freshest artichokes from the local farmers, I buy plenty of them, prepare them and freeze them so that when my grandchildren come to visit me in the summer they can enjoy them.

Another recipe that I always prepare when we have large family gatherings is “Fusilli alla Pirandello”. By large family of course I mean my children, their families and of course all the grandchildren.

This is a recipe that reminds me of my city as Pirandello, the Nobel Prize winner novelist, was also  born in Agrigento. History tells that Pirandello, when he lived in Germany, because he loved this recipe so much, whenever his friends came to visit from Sicily he would demand that they bring with them the ingredients so that he could prepare it and share it with them.



Nonna Rosina Ingaglia