Mezzi Rigatoni with Mussels and Cherry Tomatoes

Mezzi Rigatoni with Mussels and Cherry Tomatoes... and a sprig of Rosemary.

Mezzi Rigatoni with Mussels and Cherry Tomatoes


For 4 Person(s)

For the Pasta

  • 1 pound mezzi rigatoni
  • 4 pounds mussels
  • 20 cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • peperoncino - hot pepper
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt


  1. Wash the mussels real well under cold water and put them in a deep pot.
  2. Steam the mussels until they all open. Let them cool off a bit.
  3. Remove the fruit from the shells and set aside. Filter the broth at the bottom of the pot and save for later.
  4. In a large saute` pan add 4 Tbs of EV olive oil and the cloves of garlic and let them color.
  5. Add the peperoncino, the rosemary and the cherry tomatoes.
  6. Let the tomatoes saute for about 5 minutes and add the broth from the mussels.
  7. Let the broth come to a boil and continue to simmer for about 4 minutes.
  8. Add the fruits of the mussels and let everything saute` for 4 minutes.
  9. Meanwhile you have boiled the pasta to an Al Dente consistency.  Add the pasta to the pan and toss for 2 minutes.
  10. Serve with a drizzle of EV olive oil.




Thursday, 14 December 2017
This dish was amazing!! Only thing added was some starchy pasta water since my husband and I like ex...
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- pb6012002