Cookies with Nonna's Marmalade


Cookies with Nonna's Marmalade... great simple cookies to have in the house all year round.

Cookies with Nonna's Marmalade


For 4 Dozen(s)

For the Cookies:

  • 2 pounds all purpose flour
  • 1 pound sugar
  • 1 cup marmalade: grape or cherry
  • 8 large eggs
  • 6 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 lemons, zest only
  • 1 1/2 cups olive oil
  • 2 eggs for the egg wash


  1. Pre-heat the oven at 375F.
  2. In a large bowl  or a stand mixer beat the 8 eggs very well.
  3. Add the olive oil and beat well.
  4. Add the baking powder and lemon zest... mix well.
  5. Add the sugar and mix well.
  6. Add the flour all at once and let it mix completely for a few minutes.
  7. The mix will be rather soft.
  8. Put a little flour in the palm of your hand and add a spoonful of the mix on your palm.
  9. With your finger create a dent in the middle of the mix and add a teaspoon of marmalade.
  10. Enclose the marmalade with the mix to create a ball and place it on a baking sheet coated with flour.
  11. Beat the other two eggs and brush each cookie with the egg wash. Finish with some sugar sprinkles.
  12. Bake at 375F for 20 Mins.

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Recipe Notes

Nonna Romana every year makes her own Marmalade, Cherries and Grapes and she uses it for all her baking.

Optionally you can use the same mix to make cookies without the marmalade. Just scoop a spoonful of the mix on the baking sheet bypassing the marmaled part.


Thursday, 14 December 2017
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Thursday, 14 December 2017
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Thursday, 08 September 2016
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